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                  Trusted Dementia Care Services                     for Kendal and South Lakes.

Looking for a Care Home in that understands Dementia? We provide Compassionate and Specialised Care for individuals living with Dementia. Our Experienced Staff and secure environment create a safe and supportive haven where Residents feel comfortable and valued.


Choosing a Dementia Care Home can be a difficult decision. We invite you to contact St Gregory's House today to arrange a visit and learn more about our Specialised Care Services. Our friendly Staff will be happy to answer your questions and how we can support your loved one living with Dementia.

Surrounding Areas

Relaxing Atmosphere 

Fully trained Staff

We believe in the power of sensory stimulation to improve well-being for Residents with Dementia. Residents can experience a calm environment and are encouraged to listen to their music and become familiar with their new environment, in order to improve their cognitive function. 

Close-up image of a doctor holding an elder person's hand

Advanced Memory Support Techniques

Our Experienced Staff understands the challenges of memory loss associated with Dementia. We utilise advanced memory support techniques to help Residents connect with their surroundings and maintain a sense of identity. This may include Reality Orientation therapy, which helps Residents stay grounded in the present time and place. We also utilise validation therapy, a technique that acknowledges and validates Residents' feelings, even based on distorted memories. By creating a sense of understanding and respect, validation therapy can help reduce anxiety and improve emotional well-being for Residents with Dementia.

a nurse and an elder woman in garden

Specialised Activities & Music Therapy

Our Team goes beyond traditional Care activities to offer specialised programmes tailored to the needs of individuals with Dementia. We understand the power of music therapy, which has been shown to improve mood, memory, and communication skills in Residents with Dementia. Music sessions can be used to evoke positive memories, encourage physical movement, and provide a sense of connection and enjoyment. We also organise activities specifically designed to stimulate cognitive function and social interaction, such as reminiscence therapy sessions where Residents can share memories and connect with others.

a nurse and an elder person smiling

Dementia-Friendly Technology For Safety & Independence

We use innovative Dementia-friendly technology to ensure Residents' safety and well-being while promoting a sense of independence. For example, we may utilise wandering management systems that discreetly alert Staff if a Resident leaves a designated area. Medication reminders can also be integrated into the system, providing Residents and Staff peace of mind. This technology allows Residents to maintain control and autonomy within a safe and secure environment.

Find The Most Suitable Dementia Care

To help support your loved one's journey, please contact us.

close-up image of a person's hand while holding elder person's hands
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