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We provide Respite Care for Clients living in Kendal, Milnthorpe, Arnside, Sandside, Staveley, Windermere, Grange-o-Sands, South Lakes

Caring for a loved one is rewarding but can also be demanding. Here at St. Gregory's, we understand the importance of Carers taking a break to recharge and prevent burnout. Our Respite Care Programme offers temporary Care for your loved one, allowing you peace of mind and time for yourself. 


Taking a break from a Caring role can rejuvenate you and better equip you to Care for your loved one. St Gregory's House Ltd offers a worry-free respite solution, providing qualified Care for your loved one while you take a well-deserved break.


Contact St Gregory's House Ltd today to discuss your Respite Care needs. 

Surrounding Areas

Relaxing Atmosphere 

Fully trained Staff

Personalised Care Plans Tailored To Individual Needs

We believe in a bespoke approach to Respite Care. Our Team takes the time to get to know your loved one, understanding their unique needs, preferences, and daily routines. This could include anything from dietary restrictions and preferred sleeping patterns to hobbies, favorite activities, and even past occupations. By working closely with you and your loved one, we can create a personalised Care Plan that ensures their comfort, engagement, and well-being throughout their stay.

Nurse and an elder lady looking at photo album

Structured Activities & Relaxation Time

We believe in fostering a sense of well-being through a balanced approach. Our Team curates various activities tailored to your loved one's interests and abilities. This could include anything from arts and crafts sessions that spark creativity to gentle exercise programmes that promote physical and mental stimulation. We also understand the importance of relaxation. Our Team ensures ample time for quiet activities or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings of St. Gregory's House, allowing your loved one to unwind and feel at ease.

a young woman pushing wheelchair of an elder man
a nurse and an elder man in a room

Maintaining Familiar Routines For Comfort & Security

While a change of scenery can be beneficial, familiar routines can provide comfort and security, especially for individuals experiencing cognitive decline. We work collaboratively with you to incorporate aspects of your loved one's daily routine into their stay at St Gregory's House. This may include familiar meal times, preferred wake-up and bedtime schedules, or even incorporating elements of their usual hobbies or activities. By minimising disruption and maintaining a sense of order, we promote a smoother transition and a more positive overall experience for your loved one.

Open Communication & Regular Updates

We understand the importance of keeping you informed and involved throughout your loved one's Respite stay. Our Caring Staff will always provide you with regular updates on your loved one's well-being and activities. This could include information about their participation in planned events, their mood, and overall disposition, or simply how they have adjusted to the environment. We also encourage open communication, welcoming any questions or concerns and ensuring you feel comfortable and confident while your loved one is in our Care.

We are here to help, please ring for more information.

We'll be happy to discuss Respite Care options.

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